The Galloped Era

The Galloped Era

The Galloped Era


Now showing: Hoàn Tất (46/46)

Latest episode: 464544

Country: Trung Quốc

Director: Xu Zong Zheng

Actors: Chen Yi HengDa ZhaoĐồng Đại VỹJie LiLiang Ai QiLiu Xiao HaiMichelle BaiSeanTưởng HânXu Xiao Sa

Genres: Tâm Lý, Tình Cảm

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Movie plot

The Galloped Era tells the story of Chang Hanqing, a young technician and the hero of the battle, Jin Xing, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It is a story of Ru0026D, innovation, and dedication of the new Chinese electric locomotive.

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